The Turbulenz open source HTML5 games engine


Turbulenz is a new HTML5 games platform designed for the web and mobile devices. Leveraging modern HTML5 web technologies, Turbulenz enables everything from simple 2D games to console quality games in the browser without the need for a plug-in.

The open beta at includes two fully playable games, both from external developers, as well as full and free access to all the tools and technology for developers.


Turbulenz' vision is to create the world's greatest and most engaging gaming experience across all game genres and all types of gamer demographics. With a relentless focus on quality, Turbulenz endeavours to become the leading games platform for developers and gamers alike. Turbulenz is heavily investing in the creation of its own high-quality 3D content as well as providing tools and technology for third party developers to develop, test, publish, and monetise their games on Ultimately, we will continuously work to ensure that Turbulenz remains the home of instantly accessible, high-quality and engaging games.